Lf a few things, have trade list

Hi guys, here’s a list of what I have up for grabs currently after downsizing a bit:
Gerbasauruz 53 Items

I’m looking for the following in Gamma Burst:
Kings Call Shock, Skeksil

But also open to any good Gamma or 100% Ase guns I don’t have, mitosis hunter-seekers with ase elements as well as good flak class mods and last stand/atom balm artifacts.
My psn is Gerbasauruz if you want to add me, thank you!

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I want your Faisor incendiary gamma

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Sure thing I can send it to you when I get home this evening

I’ll add you, my psn is Ice-T411. Thx

My list contains the items you need. I’m interested in your nemesis (ase100), faisor (gamma), hyperfocus xz41 (gamma), redistributor (gamma). This is my list

Ok cool I’ll send you those later when I can

OK, I’ll add you. And tell me what you need?

You’re on my friends list lol

Yeah, anything you have in the post above you want to send is cool!

give me your Hyperfocus XZ41 too

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Ok sure

I want that

I have a mitosis hunter seeker bonus corrosive, add me, same name.

we’re already friends on there, what did you want?

100 ase Krakatoa would be great.

Sure man I’ll be on later today