LF a Flak Rakk Pak mod. Will trade a Moze Raging Bear mod for it

Willing to trade for any Flak Rakk Pak mod. Moze mod is Overtime Stoked Raging Bear with +33% weapon handling, +23% COV fire rate and +10% Dahl weapon damage. Psn id howlinwulf for a friend request. Also would consider a different trade if not interested in Raging Bear. Thanks!

I got one with 4 points in Grim Harvest and 25% weapon Damage.

Looking for Driver class mod with 3 (or more) Points in Mindfullness, 25 weapon damage and 31 pistol Damage.

Looked in my vault and on my characters. Sorry, don’t have it.

Do you have a Kybs worth with 100% on ASE with Fire and Corrosive?

Or Cutsman with 100% on ASE

All I have are 2 non-annointed corrosive crappy cutsmen. Sorry!

I have a driver with weapon and pistol damage and 3 points in mindfulness. Show me a pic of the rak pak?

Sure, when I‘m back home buddy!

Is that second stat damage reduction? If it is you have a trade. My psn is REd rUm but if you cannot find me list yours.

Also if you have more FL4K mods I have a lot of good Amara mods like Wepn dam, smg dam, and health regen

Yes its damge reduction
I will add you mate

I‘m DrChiquita on PSN
i added you

I will be on by 10 est time in the United States.