LF a freezeasy(Lvl 60)

Been collecting all the blue unique and can’t get this due to lazlo not respawning and it also sounds like it’d be a good combo with a torgue gun so if anyone wants to trade i’ll let you check my inventory to see if there’s anything you want or i can just pay you(Have like a mil or so)


I have a couple I can give you. Send an invite visual x sniper. On in the evenings.

Thanks man i’ll message you when im on

Unfortunately Mr Swann dropped 3 Fridgia, which left us both confused and amused.

In other words, we’re still looking for a Lazlo’s freezeasy at level 60.

You can’t get a freezeazy… It’s a quest item… Any one you get will be non-legit.

And as for the combo thing, the Fridgia is better anyway.

Pretty sure Lazlo drops the freezeasy as a blue unique. Or is this another of the many wonderful non dropping uniques within the game code? :unamused:

Oops, sorry, I thought it was ONLY a mission-weapon. nevermind, I’ll show myself out :sweat:

But before I do… The Fridgia is still superior.

Ok we don’t really care which is better

Sorry I thought that is what you were looking for. That is what happens when I get to eager to help. I have framed him an ton and have never seen the gun your looking for. Again sorry.

I have one for you.

Cool i’ll be on around 5 ish whats your GT? also sorry swann the act of kindness was appreciated though