LF a good Blast Master mod

I have a decent one but I’d like better roles. For me, that would mean it needs a point in Redistribution, others are more flexible. Good rolls would be things like splash damage, weapon damage, smg damage or grenade damage. Lv.50 or 53 is fine.

Check out my list! I have quite a few Beastmaster Class Mods and a lot of other items as well!

I think I’ve found your list and there were one or two things one I’d love to get my hands on if you’d be willing.

Snowdrift Otto Idol (44 Magazine Size, Regenerates 193 Health/Sec, 23 Action Skill Cooldown Rate)
Craps (100 damage ASE)

Would that be alright? If so, my PSN is EpicDamo.

Absolutely, friend request sent, can you tell me if the names were in pink or blue cells? That’s how I know which bank they are in.

You must have found someone else’s list. I don’t have the Snodrift Otto Idol, I have a Snowdrift Moxxi’s Endowment. My list is in my post overflowing banks google sheets list attached.

Ah ok, my bad. I’ll have a look at yours.

Found the list but I didn’t see a Blast Master there… Oooh! Did you mistake Blast Master for Beastmaster by any chance?

Probably…what is Blast Master?

Class mod for Moze

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As @jorgeammo says, it’s a class mod for Moze. It’s a legendary one which significantly buffs her splash damage. By the way, jorge, do you have one? You’ve given me some fantastic Moze gear before.

Two of them at LV 50. My level 53 does not have redistribution.

Sweet. Could you send along the two lv.50 ones?

Mailed. Looks like everything is changing to LV 57 Thursday.

Thanks! Yeah, with a new level cap and the way they described Mayhem levels, everybody has a lot of farming ahead… :confused: