LF a good ice breaker artifact

Lots to trade for it. Deathless artifacts, legendary coms, lots of legendary guns and shields.

Gt o Hired Gun o

I’m not online, but I know I have a few - played bloodletter Moze a bit before I found a better way.

I am in need of go[o]d roll class mods. Are you currently online?

I am

Ice breaker deathless [16 rad, 16corr, 26 weapon acc]
Ice breaker splatter gun [1666 hp, 27 cryo eff, 33 aoe]
Ice breaker victory rush [30 nade, 27 ignite, 27 cryo eff]
The last is amazing and I use it very often

That is good, what mods are you looking for specifically?

Blast master. Jakobs crit, nade dmg, aoe dmg.

I think I have one that has splash damage and grenade I’ll check and make sure

Sounds good! Hopefully it has redistribution as well

Thought it was rolled different

No worries. I think I have the same rolls lol

Lol, looking for anything else?

Annointed recurring hex [rad]
And just really good rolls on amara/zane/fl4k gear

I’ll check my other mods and see