LF a grenade with "OAE gain 50% bonus (fire, cryo, etc.) damage for 10 seconds"

Let me know what you’d like to trade :slight_smile:

Mirvtacular cryo hex with 50% corr dmg if ur interested

What would you like in return?

Good annointed cutsmans or crossroads with annointments for zane and amara. +5 phaserker comm. 300% brawler ward. Good corrosive weapons with good annoints. Nades with 25% melee chance. Shields (transformer and recharger preferred) with bonus elemental dmg on ase. If not any of those shoot me some offers and we can try to work something out

Cool, I’ll see what I got next time I jump on! Thanks

Sure hmu whenever. gt is Tr1p1nSquirrelZ