LF A Knife Drain White Elephant (DM Substats)

For gear i have to trade check out: *NEW* Quiixotiic's From Pandora with Love Store!
Also have a few pieces not on there
200% melee brawlers ward
300% melee facepuncher etc

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I would really like trading with you since I don’t have much time playing this game so my collection isn’t very big

@AHairyPeasant what would you like to trade buddy!!

Check my trading thread and lmk!!!

Is the 300% facepuncher the anointed phaseslam version?

How about a Rain Firestorm for that Relic? @AHairyPeasant

add me Quiixotiic-_ and inv me to your sanctuary

Thanks a lot bro!

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Is it redundant?