LF a legit Glitched Pepperbox

After a long period of searching I have finally found a Pepperbox… Just for it to have a Maliwan grip but what can you do?
Other than take a chance and request a trade.

I’m looking for a Pepperbox with the following criteria:
1: Be a Legit Pepperbox (Not a Glitched Vladof Anarchist modded to be Jakobs and not any other rarity than Glitched.)
2: Has a Jakobs grip.
3: Has the following prefixes only: Straight Shootin’ (Accuracy+), Dastardly (Damage+), Trick Shot (Bullets Ricochet off walls), Bowie (Melee Damage +), and Loaded (Capacity+). NO Two-Fer and NO Gunstock
4: Be Level 70.

If you’re interested in getting anything out of this trade, I have the following to give (NOTE: Everything listed is level 70):
1: Maggie (Perfect Jakobs parts, Straight Shootin’)
2: Laser Disker (Tediore Grip and Dahl Stock)
3: Absolute Zero (Perfect Maliwan parts)
4: Flayer (Rustler’s Prefix a.k.a. Pellet count+)
5: Luck Cannon (Dastardly)
6: Celestial Enforcer (19000+ Shield Capacity and 35+ Gun Damage)

My PSN account name is NetherTraitor258 and I’m usually online by 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.