LF a Level 50 Legendary Siren CM

Hey all, if anyone has a spare Leg Siren CM at lvlv 50 or near that
level please I’d really appreciate it.

Not much to trade I’m afraid, all OP8…

  • shock Puissant Norfleet
  • Nasty Ogre
  • Inflammable the Bee & Grounded the Bee
  • OP8 Grog Nozzle


PSN dogstar13

I don’t think the mods from tubbies can be lower than 61, unfortunately.

I see you are broadening your horizons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Ahhhh, I didn’t know that, thanks for the heads up - changed my post to Leg Siren instead. Thanks

Hey sun, yep finnaly decided to branch out and let my Axton have a rest, he’s had
over a 1000 hours on Pandora so he’s a tad tired. I’m loving the Siren and with a
bit of hindsight I wish I’d started her ages ago, it’s so satisfying phaselocking a
bloody surveyor!!

Cheers for the CM info, seeing as the Leg Siren starts at lvl 50 I’ll go for that
until lvl 61.

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The standard legendary mods can be almost any level; I know I’ve got a Mech one at like 20-22 and a Siren mod at 26, just as an FYI.

Also, if you decide to give up, I might have a lv. 50 L. Siren from when I was farming the Dragons for eridium.

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Thanks for the offer dude but @Sun_Tsunami did some farming for me and picked up
the CM, a Norfleet, Bees & a Harold!!