LF: A log of different stuff

Hey guys!
I‘m looking for a few things to complete/refine my builds.

:fire: Fire
:recycle: Corrosive
:zap: Shock
:snowflake: Cryo
:biohazard: Radiation
nothing: Non-elemental


  • Last Stand Victory Rush
    (+ Shotgun dmg)

  • Snowdrift Victory Rush
    (+ Shotgun dmg)


  • Cosmic Stalker
    (+wpn dmg, +shotgun dmg, + jacobs crit dmg)
    or similar

Assault Rifles

  • Bekah
    (100% dmg on ASE)
    (115% dmg while Gamma Burst is active)


  • King‘s/Queen‘s Call :zap: :fire: :snowflake: :recycle: :biohazard:
    (50% bonus cryo dmg while SNTL is active)

  • Craps :biohazard: :recycle: :snowflake: :fire: :zap:
    (125% splash dmg on ASE)

  • Craps :biohazard: :recycle: :snowflake: :fire: :zap:
    (125% splash dmg on ASE)


  • Conference Call :fire: :recycle: :zap: :biohazard: :snowflake:
    (100% dmg on ASE)

  • Protuberance :biohazard:
    (115% dmg while Gamma Burst is active)


  • Ion Laser :biohazard:
    (115% dmg while Gamma Burst is active)

  • Redistributor :zap: :biohazard: :recycle: :snowflake: :fire:
    (100% dmg on ASE)

Rocket Launchers

  • Lump x2 (purple) :biohazard: :zap: :recycle: :snowflake: :fire:
    (125% splash dmg on ASE)

  • Scourge
    (40% dmg while sliding) :snowflake::recycle: :biohazard: :zap: :fire:, kinetic
    (125% splash dmg on ASE) :snowflake: :recycle: :biohazard: :zap: :fire: kinetic

  • Nukem
    (125% splash dmg on ASE)


  • Brawler Ward(lvl1, 300% Melee dmg while depleted)
    (200% Melee dmg after Phaseslam)

  • Stop Gap
    (50% bonus corrosive, shock, radiation dmg on ASE)


  • Mitosis Hunter-Seeker :snowflake: :biohazard:
    (50% bonus dmg on ASE)

Maybe there is someone out there who doesn‘t need those, if you need something just ask, I got quite a lot to trade for! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Updated the list

Do you have a Annexed Fire lyuda…annointed or not?


edited the list!

Have the lucians and victory rush looking for executor with 3 or more in vv or 2 with at least weapon damage. pm psn

I have a transformer that applies terror on ASE. If you have a cut purse deathless I’d me more than happy to trade.


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Hey I’ve got a Corrosive Cutsman but Phasecast anointed if you’re interested. Also have a Flesh Melter Otto Idol with 40% FFYL time, 14% reload and 21% cool down.

Looking for Deathgrip Shotgun or Corrosive Crossroads

List updated! :slight_smile:

I have a Transformer with 50% bonus corrosive dmg on ASE.

Please check my list if you have something I’m looking for:


I have some items you are looking for:

Brainstormer with 100 ASE
Maggie with gamma burst
Some Re-chargers and Transformer with ele dmg

Check my list (I linked it in the above comment) if you have something to trade. Updated my “What I need” list recently as well :slight_smile:

I have transformer with terror application. Will gladly trade for fire lyuda annointed with 125% if interested. Psn: Hernan13

Don‘t have that one, sorry!
List updated as well

I think I have the Kaos you’re looking for. I’ll have to check when I get home.


list updated

so, i have big boom blaster 50% shock ase
(and cloning hex rad 50% fire ase, cloning hex rad 50% shock ase if you want, but it’s rad)