LF a lvl 53 Moze Blast Master COM with mag size, and some Gamma Burst Items

As the title says, LF that com, and gamma burst cutsmans, dictators, and redistributors. Got plenty of zane, amara, and fl4k gear up for grabs, as well as 100% ase gear. Let me know what you;re looking for and i’ll see if I have it

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I have cutsmans fire, shock, corrosive. redistributors corrosive, fire 49 mag and radiation 27 mag. I may have one or two dictators cryo and non elemental x6.
I’m looking for cutsmans and redistributors rakk attack anointed. Also looking for a good r4kk p4k mod.

Don’t have those, but I can ask around

have a lvl 53 dictator x6 frost with gamma burst

What you lookin for?

Lob - (Cryo) Gamma Burst
Storm - Gamma Burst and 125 Splash
Krakatoa - Gamma Burst
One-Shotter Shield (50% elemental anoitment)
Otto Idol Snowdrift with mag / aoe
DE4DEYE with 5+ Two F4ng

if you dont have some of this maybe good rolled bountyhunter etc.

Ice-T I have lvl 53 binary stark Cutsman fire with 100% damage on Rakk Attack