Lf a lvl 70 shock company man on ps4 if possible, thanks

Been replaying tps recently and would like to try this gun out because it won’t unlock through tales I’m hoping someone has a spare. Thanks for any help in advance :blush:

Since you are posting in the General Discussion area, I’m guessing you are asking how to acquire one. Well, the SHiFT reward for playing TfTB or receiving it from someone else are the only legitimate (*) options.
If you’re looking for a trade, go to the PS4 online play and trading area, or convince a moderator to move this thread over there. If you’re looking for help with the SHiFT reward, the PS4 tech support area is where you would probably be told to file a support ticket.

(*) There is an illegitimate way, but that’s against console terms of service and could get your console account banned. Talking about it here is also prohibited for the same reason, so I’ll shut up now.

Thank you for the advice. My 1st post, didn’t know there was a trading area.
Messaged the gearbox help, so hopefully i may finally be able to reclaim my tales rewards if all goes smoothly. And thanks again for filling me in on a few details about the fourms :+1: