LF: a nice anointed Redistributor

Found one non-anointed Cash-Infused shock (in around 10 Wotan kills) & liking it very much! Be nice to see even more damage with an anointed one. Prefer corrosive or shock with generic anoints (rather than character specific) so all my VHs can use. Lots of top gear to trade, like anointed Brainstormer, Hex’s, Transformers, etc.

Thanks for your consideration!

I have Cryo and Corrosive with universal anointment. Do you have Brainstormer with SNTNL 50% Cryo? I’m looking for x7 version.

I have the set in 100 ase if you’re interested

Got a rad Redistributor with 100% ASE

I could really use one too with 100% damage ase. Any kind except shock or corrosive. I have lots of stuff to trade. Just say what you need and I’ll see if I have it.

PSN: Mattgamer87

I have the redistributors ASE 100% and SNTNL 50% in all elements as well as a cryo one with 125% wpn dmg to boss enemies.

Thanks for all the replies. Sorry I was off for the day. @GrzesPL – sorry no SNTL Brainstormer. @syentifik33 Guess rad would be better than nothing but looks like @mattgamer87 is interested in rad? I’ll contact the others.

@42Base13 – tried to PM but guess I can’t. I’m interested in an ASE, corrosive or shock. Is there anything you are looking for? PM me or my PSN ID = bevross


Hm, that’s odd. I set preferences to receive messages. Let me send you a PM then. :slight_smile:

Yo Matt, got any heavy weapons like scourge or lump? Or a x3 kybs?

Yah I got a scourge with airborne anointment