LF a phaseslam Devil's Foursum, i've got a rakk anoint kyb's, splash dmg, and phaseslam variant, also rakk anointed gear as well

LF a phaseslam devil’s foursum, I have some regen hexes and gear in title to trade, among other things

I have a shock devils foursum in 300% Phaseslam.

I got a couple rakk anointed weapons, and transformer shields with bonus shock, incendiary, and cryo on ASE

I’m looking for Rakk stuff I don’t already have. Jacobs and Vladof stuff mainly. I’m not sure if I have the Kyb’s but I Might be interested in that.

Also looking for a 250% Corosive Infinity.

X6 Dictators especially consecutive hits anointments.

In any case I’ll trade something.

PSN jorgeammo

I’ll add you. PSN: TheNimbusKid. I have a rakk anointed maggie, shock lyuda, x3 rad dictator and brainstormer. All rakk anointed