Lf a radiation redistributor no anointed needed(trade completed)

So I’ve been farming for the past few days and I cannot get this thing to drop. I don’t need any anointments( though I’d appreciate them if you have one to spare for trade) just a decent rad redistributor will do, if you’re up for a trade message me for a list of items I can trade and my psn. Thank you all for your time!
UPDATE: I got the gun thanks to you fine people, so I’m good now, though if you want any of the guns listed below please let me know!


I have one, what do you have to trade please?

I have:
Stark ION LASER cryo shock with on action skill end splash damage is increased by 125% for a short time
Defrauding influential heart breaker corrosive with after exiting iron bear kill increase iron bears cool down rate by 30%
Electric banjo with 27% chance and 16% shock damage
And finally a
Redundant brainstormer with after using phaseslam weapon damage is increased by 300% for a short time
Any of those?

Also sorry for how it’s written I’m on mobile right now

I will trade you for the heartbreaker please. Also there’s nothing wrong with the way you typed this.
OH and my psn is Ice-T411

I need one of these as well if either of you want to trade

A favor please, not to sound like an ass but you should edit your post to remove the “d” word. The forum moderator will lock the thread. I would be happy to trade with you, do you have any sntnl gear?

Never had that happen since I’ve been here but fair enough. Think only stnl cryo gear I have is a unlucky 7 and cryo Lucians call. Trying to get ahold of them myself to give Zane a try.

I’d really like to trade you for that Luciano, you want redistributor in radiation right?

I still have the heartbreaker, when I’m back from work I’ll give it away seeing as I already got the gun I was requesting (probably should’ve edited the post to say as much but I kinda forgot, sorry), but I only have the one anointed so it’s up to you guys on who gets it.