Lf a rico shield with +50 elemental ase. Will trade just about anything for it

I have alot of good weapons and gear to trade!

I’ve got one with 50% cryo

What do u want for it??

I’ve got a bank full of 53 legendary weapons/nades/mods. Mostly all fl4k stuff. Let me know what u want and I’ll send it tj ya. My gt is JackBurtonKI309

If that trade doesn’t work out, I have one for you.

Hell ya, annointed? And what u looking for in return?

I will mail it to you and make sure it’s the one your looking for…My main is Zane, so anything with a sntnl anoint, otherwise just take it…

What’s your gt. I actually do I have a few Zane things

Cool, thank you…GT: xNOT2DAYx