LF a seein dead mod

Looking for a seein dead class mod with +weapon dmg and +SMG dmg. Prefer +cooldown for last perk if possible.

Let me know what looking for in return and will see what I have. Will even run m4 takedowns for you or PL a character if want instead.

I have Seein Dead with +25 dam, +31 smg, +54 weapon charge speed

Will trade straight up for Spiritual Driver with +25 dam and +31 smg, cheers.

I’ll check to see what perks mine has after get off work.

Update: unfortunately don’t have that one. Main Zane and haven’t gotten too many amara drops from wotan.

I have a seein dead with 31% smg 31% pistol and 25% wpn dmg

@bandk951 that’d be awesome. What are you looking for in return? I’ll take a look at my items and see if I have it.

I do have a sprinter stop gap with recharge and fleet. 11465 cap, 6.7 delay, 1210 rate. Saw was looking for one with movement (fleet)

Yeah I will take that… mssg me on Xbox and I will send it

Gy gamertag is ProjectMayhemCA. Sorry I took so long to answer back. I always forget to check the forums again. ■■■■ now I feel bad lol. Just hit me up when u can I got several. Would just mail it to u but I dunno if kaechi is your gt

Yes kaeichi is my GT. Out atm but will mail the shield tonight. Feel free to wait till I send you your item first.

Update: mailed off the shield for you :slight_smile: @bandk951

Sorry got off early last night. Sent class mod

Thanks. Got it.