LF - a small list. Have tons to trade including rakk pak mods

I’m looking for a few things. Heres my list of things I’m after. :slight_smile:

Anointed Recurring Hex (+50% corrosive dmg on ASE)

Anointed Spooling Projectile Recursion (+100% dmg on rakk hit OR +100% dmg on ASE)

Anointed Binary Mocking Cutsman (+100% dmg on rakk hit OR +100% dmg on ASE)

I have lots to trade in terms of weapons, but alot of my class mods are for FL4K including a God Roll Rakk Pak.


I have a last stand otto idol with AS CD, radiation damage and movement speed. Let me know if you are interested

What would you like for it?

Do you happen to have gear related to Zane? I’m looking for a sntnl annointed brainstormer, cutsman or dictator. Or a cryo annointed stop gap.

I’ll have to take a look in a bit.

Have binary corrosive cutsman with consecutive hit bonus only new hex I’ve found is a cloning rad with 50 percent fire though.

No thanks. Looking for what I listed.

i’m really interested by your hex 50% ase

I have a fire binary pertinent cutsman with ase +125% splash damage.
Last stand Otto idol with max health, FfYL move speed and cryo efficiency. Let me know if either interest you.
I also have a nighthawkin with 100% damage on rakk hit.

I have the cutsman 100% dam ase in all 3 elements and the recursion corrosive ase 100% spooling. What ase 100% annoints do you have or god roled Zane mods or sntl gear do you have.

No Zane stuff. Mostly FL4K as mentioned in my main post.

And I have a bunch of gear related to his rakk pak build. Some is ASE some is 100% after rakk hit. Sorry.

I have anointed 100 damage recursion

What would you like for it?

You have anointed rough rider with elemental damage on ase?

No sorry. I can try to trade for one though.

Alright lemme know if you come across one. I’ll hold the recursion for a bit

Wait do you have one with damage reduction on ase? I’ll take that too

Its hard to track down good Zane stuff had to try. Ha

If ya give me an item or two to keep any eye out for I can usually pull something together within a week or two.