LF a specific anointment

I’m looking for weapons with the anointment. Gain 50% of damage as bonus cryo damage while sntnl is active. Especially looking for it on cross roads, night hawkin and lucians call. Have 4 characters maxed loaded with annointed gear, leg mods and relics. Let me know if you have one and what you want in return.

GT o Hired Gun o

I have a cryo crossroads with that anoitment. Would you happen to have rowans call in shock/fire or queens call in rad with weapon dmg anoitment, or a protuberance shotty?

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Which anointment was it you were looking for?

Sorry any that increase weapon damage, either against bosses and such or just in general after phaseslam/cast preferably on the calls

I’m pretty sure I have a shock rowans that boost damage after phaseslam

If its gun damage that would be dope

I’ll check and let you know


If your interested, Im looking for Nova Berner and Frozen heart shields or Frozen artifacts.

i have these bro - hit me up sometime today when i am online


I have this on a masher. I have a few things im looking for so lmk if intrested

I have a frozen heart shield I’d trade for that.

Ok, I probably wont be on until later tonight.

I’ll take a look at it.


at dinner with family, will be on in about an hour if you still need those cryo weapons and want to trade

Look at my last want list at the bottom of trade post

I’ll be on, just shoot me a message

Do you have a Lucians call with 2 clip boost after Action skill? I’d be interested in a trade and I have several Zane anointed . Possibly what you’re looking for I’ll have to check

I have a fire lucians that has bonus rad damage on ase.