LF a specific artifact and a few weapons

I am looking for…

Loaded Dice with HP Regen and Mag Size (not melee, Slam, or slide related in prefix)

250% Phasecast corrosive Infinity

Redundant 100% ASE Facepuncher

Corrosive X2 ION Cannon with 18 sec Iron Bear Splash Damage with high Damage low Mag Size ( I have one with high Mag Size but the Damage sucks) also looking for the same in Fire

To trade I have

120+ SNTNL cryo weapons
120+ Gamma Burst Weapons
120+ Rakk Attack Weapons
60+ 250% Phasecast
60+ 300% Phaseslam
120+ 100% ASE Weapons
100+ next 2 Mags
Hundreds of class mods
Hundreds of artifacts
120+ shields

Please let me know what you have and what you are looking for. Thanks

I have the facepuncher what SNTL weapons do you have?

Redundant 100% ASE? I just got on in 100% Melee which I assume isn’t too much different with a Facepuncher.

I have too many to list off what are you looking for?

Yeah it’s the x14 with 100% on ase
I’m after Zane SNTL assault rifles or ion cannons

Redundant not Deep Dive?

I have some SNTNL ION Cannons I think I might have them X2 in every element.