LF a specific Hustler for a build 5 BF and as many splash/Hyperion Smg passives as possible

Just like the title says. Trying to make Hustler a bit more viable and need to get a Hustler with 5 Brain Freeze and as many points into Hyperion SMG damage or splash as possible. Having a point or two off is acceptable

Well I just checked my Zane, mules, and bank, and if you’re interested I have a lv 65 Hustler with +5 BF with Weapon Damage, Hyperion Crit Damage, and ASD

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Question: Do you frequent the Moxsy Discord? I think you already sent one to me

Nah I guess it was someone else, I haven’t done a thing with the CM since I got it ages ago

Oh well- im still looking for one with Splash, Weapon Damage isnt great on Zane and Crit does nothing for the Hustler

oh well, good luck with your search