LF a Spiritual Driver mod

I know they are difficult to come by but I’ll never get one unless i come here. I want to play in the takedown dlc but I won’t be able to multiplayer. Or if you could direct me to a build without using it that would help. If your hunting anything hit me up or have a spare even without good perks my gt is : yipikiya. Thanks.

It’s nowhere near God roll but I recently got a better one farming for something else so you can have my old one, what’s your GT?

Never mind GT in OP. I’ll send when I get on after dinner tonight

yipikiya, btw what is a decent roll? Just in case im able to get one. Thanks a lot tho.

Better rolls are more points in mindfulness and boosts to things like gun damage or something, mine is only like +2 mindfulness and resistences or manufacturer specific stuff and such, I’m at work so can’t remember what but they’re not the best. Still better than any other COM for her though

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Great. First time im doing the takedown but will start on a low mayhem. Don’t even know how I’ll do regardless.

I’d either go mayhem 1 or off all together for first solo even with driver unless you got some other god tier gear. And remember driver will self damage you with your action skill element, I got mine set to electric and use transformer to stop that tho.

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Ok. Think I’ll go to athena first, break it in ya know.

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Yeah give that a run on M4, might give you an idea of maliwan no mayhem lol.

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