LF a Transformer with "OAE gain 50% bonus (fire, cryo, etc.) damage for 10 seconds"

Let me know what you’d like in return :slight_smile:

Do you have anointed bekah, anointed it’s piss grenade or brainstormer anointed with cryo

Don’t have any of those, sorry

I have every single element in the rainbow man

What would you like for one?

Got a rad infinity with extra projectile? Or scourges in cryo rad or corr with same effect? Otherwise u can make an offer. Im a zane and amara mane. Also lookkng for good cutsmans and crossroads

Hey man, let me take a look for you tonight and I’ll let you know! :slight_smile:

@Skavenger I have an annointed it’s piss ( ase corrosive). Looking for ase transformer (elemental damage or cooldowns).

Did you look?

Sorry mate, I thought I responded already. Unfortunately I did not have the items you were looking for

That would be awesome. I got transformer ase fire, shock and corrosive. Gt is Ye olde wolf

@giotribue. Do you have a transformer with rad on a.s.e? I have the rest of the ‘rainbow’!. Lol

Whats up man, are you still looking for the transformer with radiation damage on ase?

Yes sir!

What sort of items are you looking for?

@Skavenger. We are added on Xbox already. Lol. Will you be online anytime soon? I will be home in 35mins or so.

No I’m at work right now, I probably won’t be on till late afternoon or this evening.

If I can dupe one I will send it through the mail to ya. If I can’t we might have to join up so I can do it that way

Do you have a Maggie or brainstormer annointed with While gamma burst Is active 65% damage

@Skavenger. No gamma sorry. Have 4 different it’s piss.