LF: Adaptive Stop Gap with shock or corrosive on ase

Hello fellow Vault Hunters,

I’m farming El Dragon since they raised the level cap with no luck, also no world drops.
I’m still using my level 50 stop gap cause the adaptive perk makes it better than any level 53 that dropped for me so far.

So this is my last hope:

Can anyone help me out with a
Level 53 Stop Gap with either SHOCK or CORROSIVE damage on action skill end that has the ADAPTIVE perk (the second doesn’t matter too much).

I have lots of 100% damage (ase and rakks) gear to trade if needed, including Wedding Invitation, Maggie, Lob, Stagecoach…

I’m Psyr3n Princ3ss on Xbox.

Thank you

I got this one

Have you got any 53 infinity with sntnl cryo100? If not I’ll take the ASE lob.

Awesome, thanks!

I don’t think I have a cryo sntnl infinity, would have to look on my Zane.

Lob I think I have either a 100% damage corrosive and radiation or a splash shock - which one would you prefer?

I’m off to work now, so will be able to send in roughly 10 hours.

Corrosive sounds good thanks. I’ll send after dinner in a couple of hours.

Turns out I had another with ASE shock, sent both

I sent you corrosive and shock too. Thanks!