LF advice- Level 53 vs Ancient Dragons

I want to use this second Zero to farm eridium from the Ancient Dragons in TVHM (normal would be easier but I already have a alternate account character doing that). Gear includes Neogenator, Impaler, Bee, L. Hunter, CE Rogue, shock Lady Fist, CC, level 45 Big Badaboom, Topneaa, Rapid Infinity, GN, fire Sand Hawk, slag Fibber, slag Kitten, Barking Volcano, slag transfusion, slag Bouncing Betty, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Homing Quasar (all items are level 50 or over except the Badaboom). While I could just level him up to 72 and bring him back to TVHM, I really want to see if I can do this with someone other than Sal… :grin:

A few thoughts here. I don’t think I ever killed them pre lvl 57 where i could grab Death Blossom but have done it from 57 to OP8 as i found new gear to use. Done both melee and sniping. Melee is challenging and has some pretty steep gear requirements, sniping is easier and the gear more attainable. It isn’t hard once you get it down and the needs are farmable. Basically you are going to need Shock and Fire Lyuda’s you get off Gettle, a slag pimpernel and your CE Rogue. You can use either a sniper ammo relic or the correct BoA’s, don’t forget you will lose your CA if you look at inventory, so you will need to throw the relic(s) you aren’t starting with down first and pick them up without opening inventory at the appropriate time.

The key to everything is CA and carrying it dragon to dragon.

Typical order sniping is Helianth, Brood, Boost and finally incenerator. The first three all use the fire lyuda.

Process is pretty much the same, shoot desired dragon with non-elemental gun. When he lands chuck slag transfusion and shoot in the face. With helianth he gives you a nice power up animation, the level of CA you acquire with helianth usually determines the outcome. Don’t run from him to save yourself, if you go down ambush kicks in and you should get up if he was slagged.

It takes a little practice, and since i have never done it without Kunai and DM, i don’t know how much CA you will need, but at least you aren’t in the OP levels.

Some really great vids out there where you can watch the technique i described. I watched a ton of Molmf’s vids before i tried sniping. A video is worth a thousand words.

The build I would use would look like this:

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t done the Pimpernel mission so I have a chance to get one at level- the only drawback is that I suck at stacking CA :grinning: Guess it’s time to start practicing but a question- I assume that when folks that stack CA talk about a ‘crit’ machine they are referring to a low level SR. What would be your choice for one?

Vladof or Dahl are really your best choices for CA Zer0, Vladof moreso since it has better fire rate and you can basically use that fire rate in hipfire whereas Dahl relies entirely on its burst-fire gimmick. Ideally, you will want a Droog (Vladof Barrel on Vladof Sniper, it’s the one with two thin barrels) with either the Bolshy (+Magazine Size) or Skorry (+Fire Rate) prefix for your crit machine. A Dahl crit machine would be all Dahl parts (so that you get the maximum burst fire) with similar prefixes, i.e. the Operational (+Mag) or Suppressive (+Fire Rate) prefixes, but I think Operational should be your best bet for Dahl.

Thanks- I’ll see what I can find…