LF Ahab rocket launcher with 5 rockets

I will trade near anything for the rocket launcher. GT: Unkindleeson13

Do you mean with a magazine of 5?

So, accessory and mostly bandit parts?

i need one with 5 magazine size

I’m not absolutely certain it’ll go up to 5 mate. I may be wrong. Perhaps with a bandit stock and grip. Most I’ve ever seen (even with the mag increase) is 4.

Best of luck in finding it, hope it is out there.
(Also, you may want to put up the level of the item that you want).

I am almost positive the Ahab maxes out at 4 magazine size, even with a Torgue grip, a Bandit Exhaust and the “Deep a” prefix. I looked at the Ahab Wiki page (which shows a picture of an Ahab with a Bandit grip and magazine size of 2) and the Max stats list for Rocket Launchers which shows the Deep a Ahab with a Torgue Grip and Bandit Exhaust having a maximum magazine size of 4.

So, @unkindleeson , I don’t think you can actually get an Ahab with a magazine size larger than 4. However it may be possible to increase the magazine size using skills or even items, but I am not 100% sure since I don’t know what character you are using.

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