LF: Alchemist with sntl cryo or 12 ammo regen clone

have lots to trade, just ask

I’ve got one. It’s double penetrating (499x2). What are you willing to trade for it? Specifically, I’m looking for rakk pack coms, kybs worths, version 0.ms, tiggs boom, and the execute pistol to start.

You have the sntl or digiclone one?

I mainly have Zane gear and I dont have those things listed. Anything else?

It is sentinel anointed. I main flak, so any gear you have that would be desirable for a flak you can list, or if you have any particularly nice artifacts or Zane mods

Interested in this ?

Yeah, I’ll take that. My gamertag is parkourkid2000. I’ll be on in 2 hours or so. I’ll mail it to you when I am

gt: bubbyrooster


It’s all yours. Enjoy