Lf all call weapons with 150 rad and or sntl cyro

So i have been farming the destroy for a week now trying to get my hands on a decent king or queens call with the 150 rad Or sntl cyro no luck I’m mainly looking for those but the lucians call and rowans call would also Interest me (mayham 10 only ) in terms of gear I have I have to trade
Almost Full set on monarchs sntl Cryo
monarch no element 150 rad
Monarch fire ase 100
Full set of sandhawks sntl cyro/150 rad/ase 100
Kaoson x2 cyro 150 rad
Kaoson non elemental sntl cyro /
Kaoson shock ase 100
Reflux 150 rad/sntl cyro/ase 100
Opq 150 rad/sntl cyro /300 90 /asa 200
Yellow cake 150 rad /sntl cyro/ 300 90 /asa 200
Almost full set of redistributors sntl cyro
Corrosive redistributor 150 rad
Incendiary moonfire 150 rad
Those are probably the main things I gave other stuff too some anarchy’s clairvoyance brainstormers and much more if you don’t see anything on the list you want just keep in mind with the patch TODAY a lot of the under performing guns make a comeback and I got a lot of those in my bank as well all mayham 10 I’m not gonna list them but stuff that was good before but fell of with mayham 2.0
Ps I’ve been looking for a deathless element projecter as well

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I’ve got a under 50 health radiation queens call,would trade for a full auto under 50 health sandhawk if you have that.
Think I have a deathless elemental projector aswell will have to check

I also have a shock and radiation rowans call with under 50 health 150 radiation.

Awesome man I’m turning on my Xbox now what’s your gt I know for sure my fire sandhawk 150 rad is full auto I gotta check the rest

I just checked the fire sand hawk is full auto but the rest are burst-semi

I have a 50/150 radiation Rowans Call.

Hi, I have a M10 Globetrottr shock 150 rad. I would like the M10 reflux 150 rad. let me know.
I also have two level 57 Elemental Projector Deathless - stats 50% ffyl, 40% AoE dam, 20% Corrosive dam; and stats 20% Corrosive dam, 20% Cryo dam, 20% SMG. If you want both three then I would like M10 Kaoson x2 cyro 150 rad.
Thanks GT = Tom dot66