LF all elements max damage Directors cut weapons

Farming w less world drops is amazing. They haven’t nerfed the amount of moloks banes that drop but that’s a complaint for another day.

But there are no new chests for the new arms race weapons making all the new weapons a pain in the ass to get (besides the free radical)

If you have any of the these weapons I prefer urad or ase splash. I can’t offer the new stuff besides a single torrent , rynah, and kickcharger. Also a couple free radicals including a x2

Anoint not important as there’s a thing to change that so…

Also taking shields, coms, and nades. I have overstock of most older items. Lemme know.

Ps I love you.

Should have messaged me mate. I’m away now for a few days but happy to help when I’m back.

You know… something told me to send you that moloks bane I found but I just tossed it… I guess hit me up when you get back lol

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