LF all elements of redistributers

PS4 only will trade a lot for them

@Bloodrain483 I only have 1 in corrosive element with consecutive hits anoint level 57. Is that enough for now?

Also have 2 other ones but those are level 53.

Yea man. You willing to trade them?

@Bloodrain483 All 3 redistributers or level 57 one?

Which ever ones are 57 I want to trade

@Bloodrain483 I only have 1 level 57.

That’s alright. You willing to trade for it?

@Bloodrain483 yes i have no need for it. I only interested in xz41 smg. What your PSN?

Bloodrain4. I am not on right now but I will be later tonight

Sounds good. No rush.

Alright. Thanks man. I’ll be home around like 9:40 when I get off work

I have a rad redistributor with sntl cryo dmg

Sorry man. I don’t need rad, if you have a fire then that would be perfect

Yo. I’m on now if you wanna trade?

Alright let’s do this.


Thanks for your business.