LF ALL NEW DLC MODS/WEAPONS. I have hundreds of god roll legendaries to trade with all types of anointments and lots of the 50% ele shields/nades

Just as the title says I am looking to get a jump on the new dlc items to try some stuff out! If you have found any of the new mods or new weapons preferably with good anointments I will be very interested and happy to trade whatever you might need! I have tons of stuff with all of the anointments 100%/125 ase, rakk, 50 sntnl, 250 cast, 300 slam, 50 ele nades/shields. I also have a fair bit of terror stuff. My PSN is xmr_f123 if you want to add me to make a trade happen faster. Thanks for visiting!

They need up to up the anoit drop rate on M4. I was farming but didn’t get a single anoit. When I do I will hit you up. I need to drop off some stuff for you anyway but none of its new yet.

I’ll trade some stuff with you, you got a q-system with phaseslam?

NP lol I am planning on trading some new stuff with you as it comes in! Thanks!

I do not have that. I am mostly looking for the moxxi dlc stuff do you have any?

About to start it now, so i’ll get back to you


I have one of each class mod. I’m looking for 2 fl4k mods in particular. R4kk P4kk with Hyperion rolls, and a Cosmic Stalker mod with Jacobs rolls or + 3 in Big Game

I have the cosmic stalker with jakobs crit, shotgundmg and sniper dmg but I do not have the hyperion rolls r4kk p4kk. I have like 6 otherr4kk p4kks lol and tons of other stuff. Add xmr_f123 and we can trade

I have a couple Green Monster Moze class mods as well as an extra lucky 7

I got a bunch of new mods and weapon going to try and get more when I get on then Im sending you all of it. Includes new mods that have good roles and the new jacobs pistol 100% dam ase. .

What weapons from the new dlc you looking for

I have R4kk P4k mods and nee golden rules. Plus other new mods.

Got Arama gear or class mods? Looking for 100% ase weapons and a Spiritual Driver.

I’ve got a few ion cannons, autoaimes, and a boomer or 2. I can list whichever of the 3 you prefer in a moment.
What I’m looking for is any great moze mods, and 50% shields orange or purple that have some form of hp regen while full/shielded mods on them.

If you’re still looking I’ve got a little bit of everything with some anointments, I’ve got it listed on a post here.
And too many of the new class mods.

I got alot of stuff that you want.

Do you have lvl1 Brawler ward 200% melee damage after phaseslam or Knife Drain white elephant with melee and magazine size?

I’ve got a lot of autoaumes, ion cannons, and class mods. You got a last stand otto idol or a cloning maddening tracker?