Lf all top tier moze items lvl53

I have a huge list of Zane items I’m willing to trade. You name it I probably have it. Have all the redistributors all the custmans in cyro sntnl lyudas wedding invitation cyro sntnl. Several kybs worth in cyro sntnl. Several of zanes sheild for sntnl movement speed. The messy break up the transformer two stop gap. So much to list let me know what you have. Looking for 160%splash dmg items mainly for moze but will also look into trading for 125% incendiary dmg as well.

I have 160 splash fire/cryo kybs

And 125 incendiary scourge, cloning maddening tracker 25, 125 incendiary wedding

They all level 53? What do you need for them

Yh all 53. Id like to take a look at sntnl kybs, shields and lyudas.

Alright one sec

I just sent u fr on ps4

Got laser-splader(shock one) w/ iron bear + 160 splash annoint, Devil’s foursum(rad one) w/ ironbear cooldown rate increase.