LF: Amara Gear H: Ask for details

It’s been so long since I’ve been on these forums, but damn it feels good to be back! I am looking for Amara-centric gear,
while the Phasezerkerr/Driver and Elemental Projection Otto Idol are at the top of my list, I very much doubt I have trade fodder for those.

So I am looking for the following items with universal annointments that activate on ASE(Not specific):
Cloning Hex
Band of Sitorak
Roisen’s Thorns (preferably DP)
Lyuda - Shock/Radiation

I however am also seeking high damage/elemental purples with the following An ointment: "On ASE, increase damage by ‘x’ " Or "After using Phasegrasp, weapon effect damage and chance are increased by ‘x’ "

I have several legendaries, ask and I will check if it’s in my inventory.

Have you got either this shield or grenade?

I got driver (not God roll or anything) or transformer ASE elements if so.

Nope, all my Hexes are non-Annointed sadly. :confused: