LF Amara Gear LVL 65

For some reason, my gear went from 65 to 50 when I transferred my Amara gear to the PS5 and some of my fl4k Classmods and relics are level 50. Was Wondering if anyone could help me out.
LF All the top gear for amara. and relics in general

I have a lot of gear for Moze, Zane and Fl4K if you could help.


PSN: ChimDaVinci

I got a bunch of great amara gear I can get you.
I use Ase incendiary/shock/corrosive for her as well as consecutive hits for the ttb build.
I what kind of mods are you looking for? I dont have them listed but I have all except for kensei.

Here’s what I have:

Gamertag: joedram0

I main Amara also, so I have a bunch of class mods that are really good for her and I have a bunch of different relics that you might be able to make use of

Psn id Mautowa

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