LF Amara phasezerker class mod with +5 Anima

Hello everyone ,I have been farming for phasezerker with +5 Anima for a while and haven’t been lucky so I was wondering if anyone have it and can send it to me.I would really it. Thank you and happy holidays:)

Psn empressoftime

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I’m still looking for the class mod,I have been farming for days with no luck. I have a lot of legendary to trade.I have corrosive, shock and fire Redistributors and cutsmans.I have Transformer with 50%shock,cyro, incendiary damage ASE. Recurring hex,cyro,shock and radiation. Kyb’s worth fire ,corrosive and cyro. Spiritual driver and golden rule. Bounty hunter,Rakk pak,St4kbot.I have few seen’n dead. Brainstormer and Projectile Recursion.I have few artifacts.Lucky7. Incendiary Butcher anointed for siren. Night Hawkin with 100 damage ASE.

I’ll keep an eye out for you they are hard to come by though

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Thank you, I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas:)

Merry Xmas :smiley:

I’ve got it with cooldown, accuracy, and sniper damage. Been farming for three months and have only had 2 +5 Class Mods drop.

Do you have any class mods with a minimum of Weapon Damage, Heavy Weapon Damage, and one of the following Spash Damage, Splash Damage Radius, Critical Damage?

Any anointed Infinity Pistols with desirable anointments?

I have a corrosive infinity with deal 125% damage to bosses etc if your interested?

I have +4 phasezerker if you want it?

Thanks for the offer but someone nice already gave me one with +5 Anima. If you want it ,I’ll send it for you.

May I trade you for one please?

Yeah sure.Add me on psn and I’ll send it to you later.

Psn empressoftime

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Phasezerker you mean or other mods?

the +5 zerker please

Any Class mod, but I prefer the Driver Mod for Amara.

I only have one specialty Heavy Weapon class mod so far and with all the new DLC launchers being so much fun to play around with I’m looking.

I’ll check the mods I have and let you know.I only play Amara but I have few mods for the other characters.

Add me on psn and I’ll send you the mod.

fr sent

I have a spiritual driver with shotgun damage, weapon damage and tedior weapon damage.

Have it but thanks for looking. I’m guessing there aren’t a whole lot of people that held onto mods with Heavy Weapon Damage before the DLC.