LF Amara Spiritual Driver Mod with +25% weapon weapon dmg

I’ve been farming these for over 15 hours now. Still have yet to get one with +25% weapon damage. Got about 12 of them so far.

Looking to trade, have tons and tons of good stuff. But if you want a good shield and grenade for your OP Amara build (you know the one that kills Wotun M4 raid in 1:30, lol. I have the great shield and a perfect grenade for that build.

I did get one (prob my best one so far) Mod that has +3 in mindfulness & increase maliwan charge time.

Shield: Conductive Plate Re-Charger (annointed: 50% shock after AS, dmg for weapons for 10 secs)
Grenade: Cloning Hex (annointed: 50% corrosive after AS, dmg for weapons for 10 secs)
Gun: Recursion shotgun corrosive and electric (sadly NOT annointed YET).

Also looking for: Transformer Shield with Anointment +50% element after AS

That corrosive transformer is hot! Anything your looking for in return?

Lol it’s definitely spicy.
I am looking for other dlc weapons anointed of course. Such as: execute, em-p5
Let me know what you have.

i’m really looking for any spiritual driver. i am new to making specific builds and am unsure of its worth. your help is appreciated, thanks!
my gt is : f o o r h e a d

I have a spiritual driver with 25% weapon damage if u want to trade that transformer