LF Amara/zane class mods

Psn: psyotik

Also hunting:
Melee anointed brawler shield
melee anointed deep dive face puncher

Let me know what your looking for

Have and more:
deathless artifacts
Fire lyuda
Fire Lucians call - rakk anointed
Frost butcher - iron bear annointed
Moze beastmaster
Flakker - action skill annointed
Mitosis hex

I’ve got a few phasezerker mods and a couple nimbus mods if you want any of those

if you got this, share it with me.

Sadly dont have any melee annointed stuff anymore, just the class mods

What ya looking for?

Fire lyuda

I’m interested in the Deathless artifacts, what are the stats on them? I have a Executor Mod for Zane.