LF : Amara's Legendary Nimbus Class Mod & Zane's Disastrous Executor

Looking for those 2 class mods if anyone has a spare lying around. I have plenty of weapons and grenade mods. Just post what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have it!

I have several decent Nimbus class mods and I’ll have to check on Zane.

Would you happen to have any Infinity Pistols anointed for. Phasegrasp 250% Damage, Phaseslam 300% weapon damage, STNTL bonus cryo, or gamma burst bonus radiation damage?

I don’t unfortuantely, I did just get a Lyuda with 300% after phaseslam corrosive

think i got a disastrous executor, looking for zane anointed scourge

Have anything anointed for the Beastmaster Gamma burst extra rad Damage?

Or a cryo Butcher or Faisor anointed?

I’ll send you something regardless PSN jorgeammo

Remind me what you’re looking for in the Friend request please.