LF Ammo Artifacts and Xane class mods

looking for versions of the ammo artifacts.
also looking for Zane Seeing Dead mods that have specific attributes.

in exchange,i have around a thousand guns,shields,and weapons.
i am a casual player and a hardcore farmer.
looking for good people on the psn

also,ive been running a purple shield for awhile now.
does anyone know if there actually is a Legendary Double down shield?

Curious, what is an ammo artifact?

I’m guessing Cutpurse , (melee ammo steal) or Loot Expanding.

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legendary artifacts…
the one i use is a cutpurse rocket boots
melee enemies to steal ammo
8% ammo refill
8% ammo returned to allies

  • 40% ffyl downed time
  • 29% corrosive resistance
  • regenerates 149 health per second.

im looking for different versions of THIS mod.

Ok so you’re looking for variants of a Cutpurse. They come in all different suffix’s. Berzerker Rush, Deathless, Loaded Dice, Otto Idol, Victory Rush, Rocket Boots, Etc… let us know what suffix you’d like with the Cutpurse prefix. I probably have several of what ever it is you’re looking for.

im not sure whats out there for variants,altho i do have most of the ones youve just named.
i am Only looking for versions of the Melee for Ammo -> cutpurse that Dont have the -75% max health.
see pics,note how the other 2 have that cursed -75%

I’ll let you k now what I have tonight. Do you have any artifacts with SMG and AOE boosts?