LF Ammo Cache Front Loader

Turns 60% of max health into shield capacity
+40% capacity, -10% max health
+15% chance of absorbing bullets as ammo

Just found one, do you still want it?

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Heeey, I didn’t even expect that someone would have it by now and it’s been damn hard to find! I’m really glad to take it, if you don’t plan on using it. I’m Uli6z1983 on PSN if you will :slight_smile:

Sure, it’s yours :smile: I won’t be on until later today but I will add you when I can, or you can go ahead and add me first if you’d like. My PSN is jouhei

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That’s awesome, jouhei. Thank you so much! I’ve added you already. Let me know when you’re online

Sent! Enjoy

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Thanks a lot man