LF: AMP-Shield (with ASE 5% Heath-Regen anointment)

I’m searching for a kind of AMP or pseudo AMP-Shield with the ASE 5% Health-Regen anointment

  • One-Shotter (purple 3xAMP)
  • Re-Router
  • Version 0.m

(Prefered with extra Health, Health-Charge or Adaptive Roll)

or Meta shields:

  • Stop-Gap
  • ReCharger
  • Old God
  • or purple Shield

with AMP or double AMP and preferable extra health, health-charge or Adaptive as roll on them

(Lvl doesn’t matter, the lower the better)
If you have something that fits describrion, pls DM or post a pic in here.

Have lots of stuff in exchange meta 57 nades/COMs/shields/weapons also DLC stuff.

I have a adrenaline initiative w on ase regen 5% health