LF An 88 Fragnum (I'm offering items in return)

Please take note of the following:
Every item listed is level 70
Please don’t ask me why I don’t want one with the Double Penetrating prefix.

I’m looking for an 88 Fragnum with the following criteria:
*Must be level 70.
*Must have either a Jakobs or Torgue grip.
*Must NOT have the Double Penetrating prefix, any other prefix is fine but double penetrating!
*Any Luneshine is fine but (30% Chance to Ignore enemy shields), (10% critical damage), and (3% Shields restored on kill) are preferred.

I’m willing to trade the following:
Laser Disker (Tediore Grip, Dahl Stock).
Longest Yard (Dahl grip, Maliwan stock, Fire elemental, Bladed).
Berrigan (Holodome Legendary Rocket Launcher, SCAV grip, Vladof exhaust.)
Nukem (Deals 720,000+ Damage.)
Luck Cannon (Two-Fer, SCAV grip)

My PSN name is (also) NetherTraitor258, I’m online from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time.

This reply is nothing more than a Bump.

Can you keep the laser disker and nukem for me please. i will try and get it for you.

Sure. :smile: