LF an anointed Maggie

Preferably 100% dmg on ase

What you offering?

I have quite a bit anything you looking for

Anointed elemental Pheberts! Zane specifically, I run barrier drone. Any it’s piss in radiation, cryo, or corrosive. Any executor +3 dirty trick with w/shotgun and Hyperion crit and w/dmg up. Any legendary last stand, or snow drift, or cutpurse eridian relic with shotgun dmg, up movement speed up, luck up, action skill cooldown, magazine size. (priority to shotgun damage others can vary). Sntnl laser sploder also works.

I have some snow drifts and I think some other of those as well add me hoodfresh86

Added. Send me screenshots of what you have in PSN and I will let you know what I want.

Anyone have a spare anointed Maggie for Fl4k? Ideally 100% on Rakk attack? Haven’t got much to trade but any help would be great!

I have a 100% Rakk Attack Maggie. I’ll give it to you for free; someone gave me a Hellwalker for free with the same anoint so figured I’d pay it forward. I won’t be on till around 10 PM CST tho! Add me: AznSenseisian21

Thanks pal! I’ve messaged you on psn :slight_smile:

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