Lf an icebreaker victory rush. Ft sntnl Cyro hellwalker, entrenched stop-gap with sntnl movement anoint

This farm is so bad, lemme know if interested

I have a couple of ice breaker victory rush don’t remember the sub stats though

Hey if you can save me from this farm I’ll take em, lemme know when you’d wanna do the trade.

Add me psn R4y2a1n

I forgot to reply here to say I sent you a friend request sorry bout that

Ok give me a moment adding you killing dr benedict rq then I’ll go dig it out for you

Alrighty, my session should be open but if you need an invite lemme know

I can send it over without needing to join your session

Ok its sent check your in game mail

Yoooo thank you seriously

Np if you happen upon a kinetic or corrosive convergence with urad send it my way

I’ll ask some of my friends if they got one n I’ll let ya know