LF an Incendiary Recursion


I’m looking for any incendiary recursion that’s level 53.

No anointment is fine. Moze anointment a plus. I have stuff to trade.

GT: facehuggybear

I’m pretty sure I have one or more of those stashed.

I’ll check tonight and let you know.

Awesome! Thanks!

Hey I have a fire recursion at 53 with anoint 100g weapon damage. Looking for a fire redistributor.

Ok only incendiary one I have left after the great gear trashing exercise is a x2 spooling projectile recursion lvl53 no anoint.

I would love to trade it for a 300% phaseslam maggie, but they are rare as hell.

Any good phaseslam stuff I may be interested.

You can probably just have it on a promise as I am not using recursions on this build unless 300% phaseslam anoint.

Just got an abundant projectile recursion phasecast anointed +50% status effect fire/corrosive.

Hey, East, if you are still looking for a fire ditributor I will send you one for that recursion.

I am conch8

I have some siren stuff you can have. I don’t play Amara so it’s just sitting there

Thank you whoever sent the recursion. It didn’t have a name, but I really appreciate it.

No worries, a nice guy in my thread sent me my dream maggie, so why not pay it forward? If I find any more with specific anoints you want I can send them too.