LF Anarchy with 50/150 or Consecutive Hits

I’m in love with the Anarchy but cannot get a good anointment to drop with it. Ideally I’d want a Rad 50/150 with a high pellet count but I’d take any with either of the anoints in the title.

I have some decent stuff to trade for it, such as 50/150 Kaosons, 50/150 and 300v90 Monarch, 50/150 Yellowcake, level 50 CMT with 25% OGT, and some other stuff.

Have any god roll bounty hunters? have electric consec hit if you’re interested.

I’ll check to see if I have any good Bounty Hunters but I doubt it as I don’t play much other than Moze. I would love that Anarchy though if you’re willing to part with it

Edit: I don’t have any bounty hunters, I must’ve given them all away already. Sorry.

atom balm deathless, flesh melter deathless, ice breaker deathless? rad old god? do you have a kinetic kaosonx2 50/150?

I do have a kinetic x2 Kaoson 50/150, and I have a rad Old God

what’s dmg on kaoson? it’s full auto right?

Full auto, 4954x2, 25 mag, 50/150 anoint

add glopping we shall trade =) what’s the dmg an anarchy is supposed to be? idk if this ones m10 or not…

Added you. M10 Anarchy should be around 1000-1500 depending on pellet count. My current one is 1166x18

yea im.pretty sure mines m4 or some ■■■■, you can just have it if you want it lol

It’s working great so far, so thank you. Now I just need a good cryo or corrosive one and I should be set.

Do you have any of these?
Mind Sweeper +1 Redistribution (preferred) 21 crit 35 AR/SMG/11 Dahl dmg 51 Dahl crit/28 WD/splash damage
Or Green Monsters with the same stats.

I’m at work so I’ll have to check when I get home, but I know I have some decent Mindsweepers. Do you have a good Anarchy?

Cor x20 1CH

Oh damn, I would love that. I’m off in 6.5 hours so I’ll be able to let you know if I have anything worthwhile then. Feel free to send me a friend request in the meantime, my PSN is same as my username

FR send with msg.
PSN kenet888

Only have shock and fire 900 plus x20 1 CH.
Cor one missing.