LF and Have-list (updated 03/05)


Looking for some trades again…stuff i am looking for on top things i have below
i posted pictures of my “good” items but i have many more so feel free to ask if you want something else


  • mods and artifacts
    rakk pak class mods (weap.dmg weap.crit + )
    phasezerker mods (weap.dmg ++ )
    in general all god"roll artifact and mods :smiley:

  • 100ASE
    nighthawkin (burstmode)
    lobs all but fire with all Elements

  • 250phasecast/300phaseslam
    all meta weapons because leveling amara atm :smiley:

  • call weapons
    Lucians/Rowans/kings/queens calls 100ASE/next2mags/rakk/gamma

  • hellshock 100ase/next2mags/aserad/ase125/phasecast

have more (less requested) gear stored so feel free to ask if you want something but dont see it on my list like grenades and shields

wish you all a nice day and good loot :slight_smile:

Can I have the Gamma Maggie and Transformer please?

Also the Gamma Cutsemen please?

GT: Jura551c

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Bro i need the 100 ase cash infused brainstormer. :grinning:

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send your items - enjoy :slight_smile:

Could I get a sticky quasar? Gt xRm99

will take a while because iam offline for today but sure :slight_smile:

Can I grab the transformer with bonus cryo damage on ase and the brainstomer with 100% on ase. Gt ChilledFish88 many thanks in advance

Can I also have the Transusion Grenade please?

sure i will mail it to you after work :slight_smile:

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Interested in the Incendiary Transformer, I think I have a few (non SNTL) cutsmans that are ase 100 or an element.

Any flavor in particular you’re after so I can look?

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i will mail your transformer when i am back home again

for the cutsmen: i only have a corrosiv with rakks atm so i am still looking for shock/fire/corrosiv versions with 100ase/gamma so nearly anything will do :smiley:

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update 02/21

added new stuff to the list

The shock conference call, lifesteal maggie and weapon crit weapon damage bounty hunter. I have the gamma brainstormer and ill send some more

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Would love the Gamma Cutsmen

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Could I get the gamma poly and fire warlord. I have roid rough rider ase corrosive, transformer cryo/ corrosive, recharger corrosive/shock/ incendiary, stop gap cryo/ incendiary . BBB ase 5% move speed/ 13% dmg reduc .
Friend bot weapon dmg ar dmg Hyperion crit
EP dice shotgun dmg cryo dmg melt chance
Ice breaker deathless sniper dmg melee dmg irradiation chance
Ice breaker VR ar dmg health regen corr resist
Knife drain VR smg dmg cryo eff corr dmg
Knife drain VR ascr ignite chance elec chance

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Things I want:

Cutsman-Corr-Rakk 100%
Maggie-ASE 100%
ION Cannon (x2)-SNTNL 100%
Brainstormer (x14)-15% Lifesteal

Here’s my list of trades:

Might not have what you posted here but maybe you’ll find something else you need.

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Can I get the Gamma Burst Ion Cannon, Corrosive Cutsman and the Bounty Hunter COM?
Also interested in ASE Wedding Invitation and Maggie.

I have a few ASE 100 Shields

GR is IXI Shyn3 IXI

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Thanks for the Cutsmen, do you want this?


yea that would be great :slight_smile:

I have a Rakk 100 Night Hawkin with 35 mag, I wouldn’t mind that Bounty Hunter. I have a x7 Gamma Brainstormer as well.