LF anionted phasegrasp brainstormer

I have a ton of stuff to trade. All the op grenades and lots of guns. psn is tissot555. Please help a V.H. out

Well good luck mate, I’m searching too ^^ If I find one I’ll let you know

cool, thanks man. do you happen to have a good phazezerker mod?



These might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but if you like em, I’d love to trade for a Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter mod and/or an Infiltrator mod (just no +shield capacity on that one).

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That Phasezerker is awesome! :money_mouth_face:

I have a Bloodletter (25% weapon damage, 31% shotgun damage, 30% grenade damage) for you!

PSN Sinsinatti

I’m online around 18.00 MEZ (in 9hrs)

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Sounds good. Can you screenshot the Bloodletter so I can see the skills?

1+ Thin Red Line
2+ Desperate Measures
2+ Phalanx Doctrine

it’s only 2 in desperate measures, but the perks are fkcn great IMO

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Yeah that’ll do great.

Ok perfect. Send me a friend request, I’ll send you the mod as soon as I’m online

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Anyone ever found the phasegrasp brainstormer?

Haven’t seen one yet

Bloodletter in your inbox!

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Sweet. Bout to get on and the Phasezerker will be coming to you.

On the way. Thanks!

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