LF: Ann Bekah and/or 1.5 zoom scope, rowans and queens call

Can use your Laser sploder… I have a Rowans Call Shock Anointed.

Whats the annointment?

I’ll let you know.

On ASE, fire rate is increased by 11%, and reload speed by 26% for a short time.

Its actually Incendiary.

Ok, my tag is BubbyRooster

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I have a 125 bekah I’ll take that helix

What scope zoom?

The one with SNTNL

I meant what is the scope on the bekah.

Some artifacts to trade.

I have a RAD Rowans. No Annoitment tho

Got a rad rowan’s with 15% lifesteal annointment

Is that a terror one?

What do you want?

I believe so. That otto curpurse looks good. Really could use that lucians call as well. If u have both i can offer more to trade.

Sorry for late replies, working.

Sorry i have no terror builds. If it wasnt terror I would be interested.

It’s actually on action skill end not terror my bad.

Ok, what lucians call do you want?

For the Otto, what else do you have? Any annointed or elemental jacobs guns