LF: Ann Bekah and/or 1.5 zoom scope, rowans and queens call

Still have these to trade

I need the cryo call and i can look for what other jacobs i got. U want a deadshot bekah?

what is the scope zoom on that? is it annointed? (not even sure if its possible with bekah)

I don’t think bekah’s have sight zooms in bl3. I could be wrong but i can’t find one with weapon zoom. Mine is not annointed, but it can be though.

I have one now that is a 3.3 zoom.

I was looking for lower magnification.

Is yours irons?

Do you have corrosive infinity with other terror perks? Or a flesh melter victory rush with gun, vladof or pistol perks. I have God roll Rowan’s call. KrippleMan on Xbox. Add me and I’ll send to you no prob. Anointed, +100% for a short time

Shock or Fire?

I have a corrosive infinity with 130% damage with clone swap.

Yeah unfortunately. Wish it was farmable i can throw some stuff in if that matters. Dont have a ton of jacobs tho

Do u want the infinity? Ill trade.

Na that’s ok. Would like the cutpurse auto relic. And prolly the cryo lucians call if i can give u something else.

Unless the ase end lifesteal rad rowans and the bekah aren’t enough for u.

Oh i confused you with someone else in thread. Ill trade Lucians for rowans.

Would u still trade for the cutpurse?

Sure, you throwing in bekah?

Yeah no prob

GT: BubbyRooster

I will be on in a few hours.

Ok ill get on and send the stuff shortly as well.

Fire. I run flak though, can’t use digiclone lol

Sorry if i was unclear but i need the cryp lucians with the barrier annoint. Ima send u the corrosive one back.

Still looking for Bekah with ASE100.

Here is some more stuff…the night hawkin is full auto.

Do you still have the corrosive Lucians and the bearcat? I have